Obviously, leather is known as a flexible and long lasting fabric made by tanning rawhide and skin of animals especially that of cow. There are lots of manufacturing processes involved in the production of leather and they are being handled by both small scale industry and large renowned industries. The production of leather is in wide variety and the use is plenteous. In fact, leather is among the most used materials gotten from animals. It is being widely used in the production of most fashion accessories and other used products such as shoes, hand bags, belts and host of others making leather among the most important material in the world.

Indeed, there are many leather manufacturing companies in some countries of the world. But, some other countries that do not have companies producing leather large quantity always end up importing leather from other countries. Each of the leather manufacturing company normally utilizes different production process base on the type of leather they want to produce. There are variety forms of leather including soft leather and hard leather. Some of the forms of leather which you need to know include;

  • Vegetable tanned leather.
  • Brain tanned leathers.
  • Chamois tanned leather.
  • Chrome-tanned leather and others.

Leather FactsWhat You Must Know About Leather Garment India

The presence of leather garment India Company has made India to be included among the top leather producing countries of the world. Therefore importation of leather in India is not really feasible since the companies that are producing leather are rapidly increasing in the production. In fact, with the presence of leather garments in India, the exportation of leather from India has greatly increased lately. Really, the production capacity of leather garment in India is estimated at 16 million pieces each year.

A Hint on the Leather Product Produced In India

The type of leather products produced in India is just different from the ones produced from other countries of the world. Some of the leather garments produced in India include coat/skirt, long coat, short/pant, Jacket, motorbike jacket and others. Truly, due to the quality and uniqueness of the leather produced in India, the leather garment India are making tremendous pace in the fashion industry globally. Obviously, apart from China which produced about 70 million pieces of leather each year, India is the second largest leather garment producer in the world.

A Glimpse Markets for India Leather Garments

There are oodles of markets where leather garment India are being sold. In fact, India normally export their leather garments to most developed and under developed world including France, Spain, USA, UK, Denmark, Germany and others. But, the highest market for leather garment India is simply Germany with a share of about 23.1 percent and Canada being the list market for Indian leather garments with share of about 2.31%. Honestly, the need for leather in the fashion world is simply unavoidable as it is used virtually in production of every fashion accessories making leather production to be in higher demand than ever.


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