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Why Leather Bags preferred over Normal Bags for Women?

Women have of penchant hand bags, so much so that they readily sacrifice a foreign trip or even a brand new Volkswagen. The bags complement their esteem because bags are ultimate 21st century object of desire not just for models but for working women. The reason for this trend is partly (more…)


How leather industry evolved over the time?

Have you ever wondered the leather shoes you are wearing and the leather belt balancing our pants was the Mankind’s first real garments consisted of raw hides? In the beginning, it was more the question of durability than aesthetic admiration when the earliest inhabitants of this planet discovered (more…)

Are leather manufacturing companies changing the fashion trends?

Leather has always been one of the favorite materials been used by the fashion conscious people in form of their garments or other items like shoes, bags, belts, wallets, etc. Many home décor items are being made out of leather and are in great demand as they look stylish and are appealing to the human (more…)